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As the Triangle’s premiere bespoke and tailoring boutique, we are here to help you dress well. Dressing well is no easy feat when you are not sure where to start. Simply implementing a few foundational rules to your wardrobe can make a huge difference in how you look and best of all, how you feel. We asked the man behind Glenwood South Tailor and Alterations, Brian Burnett, to share 10 rules all men in the Raleigh-Durham area should apply to their wardrobe, regardless of their budget or their lifestyle.

  • Focus on the fit. Every piece of clothing you wear should fit you right. Pay attention to how your shirts, blazers, and suit jackets fit throughout your chest and shoulders. Suits and sport coats should lay across your chest without caving in, with the shoulder seam aligned closely to your shoulder bone. The sleeve length on your blazer should not extend past the first joint of your thumb and we recommend that the length of your trousers should be a shallow - medium break. Our stylists can consult you on these tips and make custom alterations to ensure your garments fit you just right.
  • Invest in quality. The term quality over quantity holds true, even in your closet. Quality pieces that are well made and taken care of can last you for years. Stray away from stores that fall under the fast fashion or discount retailers umbrella and invest your money in brands and designers that are known for their high-quality
  • Up your shoe game. This applies to both work and play. Trade in your tattered tennis shoes for leather lace-up sneakers and upgrade your stiff loafers for the new power shoe, a whole-cut oxford with an almond toe.
  • Forgo pleated trousers. Pleats were derived to add extra room throughout the leg and are meant to be worn higher on the waist. While that may sound comfortable, pleated trousers that are tapered even slightly give off an awkward silhouette. Skip the pleats and aim for a slim cut. 
  • Get yourself a pair of slim cut jeans. They fit slim through the thighs and are straight from the knee to the ankle, looking great on any body shape. They allow you to move freely without being restricted and look just as classic with a blazer as they do with a t-shirt.
  • Dress in layers. Layering is a practical way to help you transition into the colder seasons without adding to your closet. Top off your layers with a tailored piece of outerwear and you’ll look as stylish as you are warm. 
  • Ditch the shoulder pads. Especially in suit jackets, too much shoulder padding can look dated. Aim for lightly padded shoulders that will give the jacket structure and shape, accentuating your frame.
  • Focus on the details. Something as minuet as mismatched socks can turn a good outfit bad. From the condition of your belt to your pants stitching color to the cut of your lapels, focus on the details when getting dressed for the day.
  • Wear a nice watch. If you’re going to wear any accessory, make it a watch. Even better, a preowned watch. They are tasteful, classic, and the history behind one is an easy conversation starter.  
  • Dress your age. You mature as you age, as should your closet. Once you hit the young age of 35, it’s time to skip the chain stores found at the local mall and start visiting local boutiques, high end department stores, and ecommerce sites that are well versed in menswear. You are guaranteed to look polished, put together, and approachable when you dress your age.
The Lyonswood Photography

The Lyonswood Photography

The best part about dressing well is that it is a skill that can be taught. Defining your look can be intimidating, but following these rules should ease the pressure you feel as you perfect your personal style. Whether you implement one rule or all ten, personal style does not happen overnight and it is something that you acquire over time. Enjoy the process and remember, we are here to help you look your best.

Allie Lochiatto of the life and style blog, Allie Wears, is a contributor writer at Glenwood South Tailor and Alterations. She offers her technology expertise and her passion for creativity to local businesses here in the Triangle area by creating engaging content that is on-brand.

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