The Everything Package – Annual Bespoke Wardrobe Subscription

Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait!

I know, you are busy: Closing another sale, Wrapping up that quarterly report, managing your employees, or looking for that edge over your competitor.

But, something groundbreaking has hit North Carolina’s menswear market and I need to inform you about it.

We see it all the time, busy, time compressed, sophisticated professionals feeling like they are forced to make sacrifices when it comes to their suits. They want that high-caliber, high-end look, but either don’t know where to start or don’t know what is really available to them. So then they end up searching and ordering something online.

And pretty much 10/10 times they get some mediocre suit that they don’t really like but don’t have the time to complain about, so they just wear it and look and feel mediocre.

That ends TODAY.

No longer will you need to sacrifice mediocre pre-cut suits from online retailers to save time. At Glenwood South Tailors & Mens Shop we have developed a new service offering that caters to c-suite executives, business owners, and other busy professionals that want high-quality custom clothing on a regular basis without spending a bunch of extra time away from their work or families.

Commission bespoke clothing tailored to fit you perfectly on a regular basis made from the highest quality materials available to create the luxury wardrobe you have been looking for.

What is included in the Everything Package?

Each Everything Package includes Bespoke garments tailored to an optimal fit for you, quarterly styling assessments where we help make sure you're fitted for the season and able to answer any styling questions you may have, custom tailoring of ready to wear shirts, suits, and slacks.

So how does it work?

First, we schedule an initial discovery consultation, where we learn about you, and your preference. This entails dialing in the desired look, your intended usage, and then we record your measurements as we select your suit materials.

Once you select the tier that's right for your annual clothing budget, we begin designing bespoke clothing for the entire year.  We will have all of your measurements at this juncture so we may construct the suit to your specified fit. What gentlement seem to enjoy is the ability to select garments throughout the year or all at once, so it’s sorted. Our clients value investing significantly at the outset to save time as they are launching their careers and operating, many times global companies.

Next, we will see you for your 2nd fitting which is about 2-3 weeks after the initial consultation. At this fitting we dress you in the floating canvas constructed in our selected materials, for a basted fitting. This floating canvas is called the basted coat. We check the baste for any adjustments that may need to be made to ensure the best fit possible.

After this, we make the adjustments needed and make note of these adjustments for future commissions  and skip over the initial fitting in the future. 

We then go into the second fitting, at this fitting the coat already has the front edge in the exact placement it needs to be. You will be able to tell the coat is formed more to your body. We check the fit once again, make note of any adjustments needed, and get back to making adjustments on the suit.

At the third fitting we deliver the final finished suit and ensure everything is properly fitted to your needs and make sure you are 100% satisfied with your suit. Remember, your package includes multiple garments so you can commission garments at various intervals of the year. Some gentlemen enjoy this as they can commission professional wear garments that will never change (navy power suits or charcoal business suits etc) at the outset and more lifestyle geared garments as the weather changes, in typically the 2nd quarter of the year.

After we have delivered your bespoke suit, we then book your quarterly assessments with one of our clothiers. They will help you choose colors, materials, ties, shoes, accessories of all types to help you upgrade your wardrobe from classic looks to modern trends, with the knowledge of your fits, your goals, and your preferred materials, textures, and styles.

Why is this better than going to the store?

The Everything Package is preferred by high-level professionals for many reasons:

1. It saves time - You no longer need to drive to your local mall, go to the big-box retail shop and overpay for mediocre clothing options that you sift through for an hour at a time trying to find the best option.

2. The Everything Package removes guess work from knowing “what to wear”- No more overthinking your outfits,removes clutter or outdated garments from the closet. We curate a wardrobe built around foundational pieces and industry acceptable color pallets. Additionally, most guys will dedicate a portion of their package to lifestyle pieces. The payoff is that Brian and the team ensure that the majority of the garments are interchangeable.

3. It is trackable - The Everything package becomes an annual line item a portion of our C-Suite clients receive an annual clothing package budget. This enables them to track the ROI “Return on Image”  of the Everything package, of bespoke, and casual wear garments they commission. Our garments and the package are designed to instill an enhanced self image, improved confidence, and generate opportunities from the inherent compliments you will receive.

Example: Our client Mr Frasca, a CIO in the data storage industry, commissioned a bespoke ink & chocolate bespoke sport coat for an upcoming digital conference. We received an InMail from him:

“Brian I literally had 11 people compliment me on the sportcoat walking through the exhibit hall; I was able to send them to chat w/ our AE’s at our booth, no ice breaker needed, Ha!”

This is ROI- Return on Image means that our ideal clients will attribute our garments to saving time and/or generating revenue.

We earn our client’s respect

Glenwood South Tailor has over 400 5-star reviews on Google alone. Not all of these are executives as we do many bridal parties as well, but many of them are high-level professionals that we have outfitted with our bespoke suits and custom clothing. We strive to produce excellence at the highest level and continue to produce excellent quality from the top on down.

One of our executive clients Michael even has said:


“Growing up, my grandfather was a tailor.  He was featured in GQ magazine in the 80’s. He tailored suits off of 32nd street in NY. That being said, I am very particular about who alters my suits.

Glenwood South’s team always comes through for me, in fact they are the only people I trust with my suits and sports jackets.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have them here in Raleigh!!

Almost every time I’ve come in it’s been a rush order and every time they have been able to adjust to my needs!

Thanks guys, I will be back!"

We have been able to help Michael on a regular basis even though he has a full schedule managing his business. This package has been created to specifically help those like Michael - busy high level professionals striving to look good, feel confident, and dominate their perspective visions while not needing to deal with mediocre clothing from big-box stores and just having to “deal” with it.

To get any of your questions answered, you may give us a call at (919) 951-4755, email us at, or if you would like to book your initial consultation, you can book using our online booking app!

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