I know, I know. It still feels like Summer: it’s hot, you’re sweaty, and Fall seems the furthest thing away.

Believe me, it’s not.

Don’t get caught in sudden Fall weather unprepared to look your best. It may be a pain, but colder weather brings about opportunities for handsome dress and those fabrics like flannel, wool, and tweed. That being said, here’s some tips to get you started on your Fall wardrobe.

  1. Thicker fabric doesn’t have to be drab. Dress out! Layering is your best friend and nothing pairs nicer than patterns that stand out against the typical muted grays and browns you find in retail store overcoats and jackets.
  2. It’s flannel time. Your clothes are heavy and the last thing you want is for them to be scratchy to boot. Flannel provides a softer alternative and has been representative of Fall forever. Make sure you have some carded flannel jackets and trousers to keep you cozy, comfortable, and warm (especially gray!).
  3. Know your season. Fall colors are generally brown, red, purple, mauve, blue, and tan.
  4. Some say they bring the whole outfit together. Whether you believe that or not, fall ties are essential. Summer ties have come and gone and now it’s time, and opportunity, to bring about those knit ties, whether silk, wool, or cashmere. As always, keep it proportional and possibly muted.
  5. Finish your outfit with a handsome pair of shoes. Now the colors of red, tan, or green certainly mix will in the fall season, but my favorite is brown. There are so many different shades to work with and it is clean and suits (pun intended) well with many, many fall outfits.

I could say more on the subject, and there are certainly more tips to bring together a fall outfit so precisely, whether it be with a boutonniere or a silk scarf, or even an overcoat. However, these 5 are what I find most important to remember.

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